What They’re Saying

When we first signed up we though ok Robbie will have a lot of fun and meet some new friends. Your program has provided much much more than that. As you know the game of golf is the great equalizer and doesn't care about your age or skill level. Robbie's skill level has definitely improved and he has met many new friends as well he has had a boatload of fun. What has been the most amazing things that my son has acquired is:
A love for the game that I can truly admire.
Respect for others, that I cannot say thank you enough for.
Honesty, when he is having a ruff round or just a few shots. He will keep an honest score card even when the thought of giving himself a better score he refuses to do so. As he doesn't want to let you or himself down. This self discipline is something that is hard even for some of the guys I golf with. Integrity, as my son has a true passion for helping out when other kids are just starting out or if they are having a ruff day. Robbie steps in to explain the game and why it is important to do the right thing. I do have to say, the best thing my son has gotten from your program is perseverance. Robbie had a ruff outing during one of his tournaments and was beyond devastated. He beat him self up and his game was collapsing. I watched as my son was overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts of giving up. All of a sudden he was able to regain his composure and confidence. He finished strong with a birdie,par,par finish.
I couldn't have been anymore proud of my son.
Not because he shot better but because he was able to persevere and get back up hold his head high and move forward. This is something that will benefit him the rest of his life.
To realize life will throw you curve balls and what is important is how you deal with them and adjust. Just so you are also aware. After he finished this mentioned tournament and we loaded up in my truck. My son tells me "dad did you see that, did you see what I did today" I said yes I did. He then proceeded to tell me just how excited he was to be able to pick himself back up and live in the present.
For him at age 10 to recognize this is truly amazing. I could have cared less if he would have shot a 27 or 100. I am so amazed as to what Robbie gets from your program. You have a real gift for working with our children and for that I appreciate and thank you.
Have a great day

Rob Walkup

The Swenson Junior Golf Program is an awesome program. My son has progressed significantly in golf since participating in the program. He is more focused on golf, enjoys playing and socializing with kids in his development level, and is actively trying to progress in the sport. I’m so glad he’s apart of the program and regret not joining earlier. Such a positive program for young golfers!

Sal Hernandez

Our two children, Elle (11) and Julian (9) were fortunate enough to participate in Swenson’s new Jr. Fall Golf program. In doing so, they not only became better golfers but also gained a new appreciation and passion for the game. My husband and I are golfers so as parents wanted nothing more than to be able to spend family time on the course but knew if we pushed too hard we’d likely end up with the opposite result of what we were hoping for (parents can only be so cool and exciting no matter how many times we let them drive the cart). And then we learned of the Jr’s program and figured it was worth a shot. In the end, it provided the opportunity to not only hone their skills, but to interact and just enjoy the experience with others their own age. Many thanks to Joe Smith and all of the countless volunteers who assisted in designing and delivering a program that addresses what children of all ages and levels need and what parents are looking for. A balance of fun and fundamentals, of competition yet in a more passive non-threatening way. There seem to be a lot of programs out there but I’ve yet to find one that even comes close to providing the right balance of fun and instruction yielding such positive results. The results most of us parents are looking and hoping for – interested children and improved players. We couldn’t be more pleased and are excited to continue into the Winter league.